Don't pay pastors and prophet for authority; you have them - Rev Quainoo, Zoe Fiapre

The head pastor of Zoe Outreach Embassy, Fiapre branch Reverend Bright Quainoo, has faithfully advised all believers of Jesus Christ to exercise their authority in Christ but not paying for it.

Preaching on the topic "exercise your authority in Christ", Rev Quainoo explained that, many Christians pay for authority from pastors and prophet which have been already given to them by the Lord Jesus Christ.
" Don't pay for authority because you already have it in you which was handed over to you by Christ. Many pay pastors and prophet for what has been given to them in Christ " he preached.

This came to light today at Fiapre Sunyani in the Bono region during Church building dedication for Zoe Outreach Embassy branch in Fiapre.
He based on Bible quotations from Mark 16:17 and Luke 10: 19.
Associate pastor Ellyasu Amas Amas was present to grace the occasion.
The presence of the holy spirit was felt and happiness engulfed members as they jumped into serious worship and prayers.

Anytime you are in Fiapre Sunyani, worship with Zoe outreach Embassy located behind Roman Urban council School.

Beautiful photographs of Zoe Outreach Embassy at Fiapre.

Story filed by:
Sir Johnson (obbamedia)

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