Video: Reggae Music is not about smoking weed - 14yr old reggae singer

The leading singer of the youngest reggae group Egofari Singers, Empress Ama Yeboah Sabatina has stated that doing reggae music does not mean you smoke "weed"

Majority of the people in Ghana and Africa at large have the perception that you smoke marijuana, but the teenage reggae singer singer does not agree with them.

Speaking with Sir Johnson, host of keep kids educative program Juveniles Arena on Sunyani based commercial radio station Akonoba 92.7mhz  Sabatina stated that reggae music has nothing to do with marijuana.

"Reggae music is not about marijuana or weed, so we are sending this message to whoever has that perception in mind that as far as you do reggae music you are a smoker it is never true.

The BAMA Awards 2019 nominee when asked why they chose to do reggae music instead of the other genres, she answered,

" Reggae music comes from the Bible and also through our music people will understand that reggae music is a gospel looking at our song "Victory Crown" it is purely gospel "

The Sunyani based reggae group is made up of three found sistersNana Akosua Yeboah Sabatina 14 and leader of the group, Nana Afia Okouba Gyasi 12 years and Akosua Asamoah Gyasi Okouba who is also 6 years.

They grabbed two nominations for the upcoming Bono Ahafo Music Awards Reggae Artist of the Year and Reggae song of the year with Victory Crown.

Watch the full video below:

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