Glamstyle Awards 2019: Check how to file for nomination

Madcons Ghana Limited after days of securing a mouthwatering sponsorship package has finally opened nomination for this years awards.

The nominations were officially opened from today July 31 and closes on two months time, September 30. This gives Musicians, Radio personalities, Bloggers, fashion designers, media houses, Social Media Influencers from the Bono, Bono East and Ahafo regions the opportunity to get involved by filling for their respective categories.

This is the simple procedure to follow to file for nominations, and it is free:

Year under review
(1st October 2018-1st October 2019)

*PHASE I - Personal Submission ( Via website)*
This is the first stage where brands and Personalities must nominate themselves by filling an online form via glam Style Awards Official website .It requires selecting choice of Category and short profile.

Follow this link to file for nominations via online

*PHASE II-People's Choice Nomination (Public Submission)*
( *Via email & WhatsApp)*
At this stage nomination forum is opened to the general public to input brands and Personalities who have work hard and deserve the honor by sending their name , Category with short profile to or 0275173313. Public Submissions can equally be done through GSA official website.

*PHASE III - GSA Survey & Industry guru's recommendations*
Junior members of the GSA nomination board makes Intensive follow ups and survey in the industry to gathered necessary info through difference source.Industry guru's in all sectors are also consulted to recommend hardworking brands and personalities in a specific sector to the nomination board.

*PHASE IV - GSA Nomination Committee Assessment & Assent*
At this stage all information gathered and submissions are presented to the senior members of the nomination board .It's discussed among the  board ,then finally presented to the jury known as GSA Nomination faculty which comprises of Nomination board ;both senior and junior members ,appointed members from the GSA board ,few stakeholders and known and experienced industry players to be assessed and given final approval .Nominees are unveiled after final assessment and approval.

After you have filled, the information bellow also explain the voting system.


1.Direct Vote - Via website/shortcode /App

2.Social Media

3.Voting Committee Assessment

*Nomination Alert 31st July - 30th September*

For any information contact the contacts provided.

Call :0542658257

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