The Church Of Pentecost Bans Extravagant Wedding Ceremonies

The Chairman of the Church of Pentecost (COP) Apostle Eric Nyamekye has warned members of the church to end organization of immoderate marriage ceremonies with immediate effect across the world.
This was announced to the church members on Sunday 16th December 2018 in a circular read in all assemblies of the Church across the world on behalf of the new Chairman.
The secular said “marriage ceremonies in the church ought to be simple and not unnecessarily expensive. Would-be couples must always ensure that they organize very short engagement ceremonies so as to save cost.
Pre-marital relationships, customary marriage rites (engagement) and weddings should be done modestly and decently to glorify God,” the circular stated.
Elders of the church have also been encouraged to attend the engagement ceremonies of members which is now seen as the preserve of the family members.
This new directive has been welcome by the church members with applause from members of the Church which has its headquarters in Ghana when it was read at the various local Assemblies.
The Church of Pentecost is known to be one of the few Pentecostal churches which involve itself in the marriages of its members. Persons seeking to marry members of the church have always complained of unnecessarily interference from the church and as such abstain from proposing to members from the Church of Pentecost.
“The church continues to hold in high esteem, chastity in marriage, and strongly frown on pre-marital sexual relationship between prospective couple…,” the circular added.
Persons who cannot withstand the lengthy marriage procedure also abandon the church to go and marry elsewhere and give birth short time after marriage

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