Radio Presenters are the Most Cheated Workers in Ghana - A Blogger Hinted

 Accra based bloggers Nana Beyin Junior and Kakyire Akwesi Yeboah yesterday pleaded to CEOs of Media houses to treat their workers well in terms of salary increment and good condition of service.

  According to the Bloggers since most of the radio presenters works for private media houses the owners sometimes take them for granted and refused to increase their salaries due to how one is hardly to get a permanent private radio station to make life from there , which they strongly against that.

  The Bloggers stated emphatically that, When radio presenters are treated well there wouldn't be any form of personal inducement to make any fabricated stories to damage once credentials and reputations of others.

They continued by stressing that, Even though, their salaries are determined based on how much the "Air time is sold to the clients" which is sometimes very hilarious to see a whole presenter receiving 100.00 monthly.

They Finally pleaded to the owners on various radio stations to treat their workers well in order to alleviate the Nation from bribery and corruption in .

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