Read what Happened at Mandela Restaurant: BAMA Media Encounter in Sunyani

As part of the activities marking the maiden edition of the Brong Ahafo Music Awards, J-Black Code Event, the organizers of the award scheme had an encounter with the media from the Region, but was mostly attended by radio personalities from Sunyani on Tuesday, August 28.

The event which was scheduled to start at 5:30pm started at 7pM.

 A a lot of media personalities embraced the show and were united pushing for the development of Brong Ahafo Music.

This is full report on how the whole event happened:

6:30 PM These are some of the media personalities present
DJ King Mix, Akonoba FM
DJ Abof Kay. moonlight FM
Obaapa Serwaa Akoto, Dinpa FM
Kwabena Agyei, Cash FM
Oti Yeboah Prince, Dinpa FM
Tactical Ras Shifo, Cheers FM
Alligator, Storm Fm
DJ OB, Cheers FM
Open Prayer from Uncle Ebo

6:38- MC introduces the Organizers present
Abubacar present,

Some pictures from the event at Mandela Restaurant

6:45- Jamal reads the statement from BAMA

Questions and answers time:
King Solomon: Do you suspect someone sabotaging you?
J-Black: I don't want to believe that but its possible.
Spider Adwumapa FM: How about Xylophone Media partnership reports?
JB: Yes, Sammy Flez interviewed me about it and are ready to come and add up, but with or without Xylophone, the awards is coming on.

7:00clock: These will be another media encounter on Thursday in Accra.

Spider, Aswumapa FM asks, What was the criteria for the nominations?

J-Black answers: The Nominations were done by our Board, they opened for nominations, we did the publicity on some Radio stations.
One problem is that some radio Directors demanded money so we did the promotion on social media.
People thought it wasn't going to be successful as this. So some people didn't join but now they are talking about BAMA.

We had 209 nominations, we saw some songs were not up to the standard.

An MP said, BAMA is biased, questioned that Why Brong Ahafo Music Awards.

The MPs disappointed us.

Samed- PRO - The winners will be determined by voting, and as at now we have ended the voting.

JB: The public view carries 70%
But Most Popular song Carrie 30% public votes.
We don't want to repeat what happened between Patapaa and Fancy Gadam.

JB: We have fought a lot. We had to even sleep outside because we ran out of fund.

JB: Our main motives for BAMA is to gibe spotlight and recognition to our artists in BA.
Tactical Shifo: The publicity was low because there isn't unity among the media guys in BA.

JB- We are not going to give the award winners, but we might give the Winner of Artist of the Year and Discovery of the year some TV air play.

JB: Tyco is fully paid for by Nana Takyi Biters
There would be a Red carpet on the day,which we are planning to be aired on some radio stations, there will also be a cultural display.

There will also be a Nominee Concert on 15th September, which is one week to the program.

Thanks to all our precious readers for your time, the time.

We hope to update you of any latest development.

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