Grace Mugabe hit with $278K diamond ring lawsuit

Grace Mugabe 5

Former First Lady Grace Mugabe has been sued by lawyers who represented her in several court cases involving a $1,2 million diamond ring deal after she failed to pay the legal fees amounting to $278 000.

Manase and Manase Legal Practitioners acted for Mrs Mugabe in several court cases linked to the diamond ring deal that later turned sour.

Mrs Mugabe claimed to have paid $1,2 million to Lebanese businessman Mr Jamal Ahmed for the purchase of a diamond ring, but the deal turned sour.

In a bid to recover the money, Mrs Mugabe allegedly “grabbed” three properties belonging to Mr Ahmed.

Guards were unlawfully deployed at Number 409 Harare Drive, Pomona, Number 18 Cambridge Road Road, Avondale and Number 75 King George, Avondale, being the properties owned by Mr Ahmed.

The actions sparked legal battles that dragged for months.

In the process, Manase and Manase represented Mrs Mugabe, but she did not pay for the services.

The law firm has taken Mrs Mugabe and her son Russel Goreraza to the High Court claiming legal fees amounting to $278 304,05. state media

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