I have Not Sold Biyac FM - Owner

The owner of Biyac FM Mr.Baa Abora  has debunked reports circulating on Social media that he has sold the Akim Oda based radio station.

The 2016 PPP parliamentary candidate in Akim oda constituency  revealed this on his Facebook account that he has not sold Biyac FM (94.1mhz), to anybody  so people in Ghana especially those in Akim oda should disregard the fake news in circulation.

For the past few months the station went off but now  have started Test Transmission and due to that the listeners have the believe that the station has been sold.
Although Mr. Abora didn't give details as to why the station was taken of fair for all this while.

Biyac Fm is currently on Test transmission in Akim Oda so the cherish and loyal listeners can tune in and listen.

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