A pastor caught in the act sleeping with a friend's daughter

A pastor by the name Justus Mutuku a resident of Kitutu Chache South constituency is in trouble after being caught red-handed having sex with his friend's daughter.
Justus is a man of God and a mentor of the youth in the area and has been Kennedy's longtime friend.
Due to their friendship, Kennedy asked him to stay with Kerubo for a while in his house to mentor her and teach her good morals as he will be away for ten days.
Kenedy came back before the ten days and found his best friend in the act with his daughter.
He could not hold his anger and called the neighbors, within ten minutes there was a large crowd at Justus' homestead to witness what the pastor who they had trusted for a long time was upto.
The incident led to a lot of discussion from the members of the public who shared their reactions.
"Sasa kumbe pia mtoto wangu ni victim Kwa sababu huwa anakuja kupata mafunzo ya huyu pastor kumbe ni evil hivi my God," Nyanjai said.
"Huyu lazima afungwe miaka kumi gerezani ,tungemuua ata ingewezekana ni venye hatuwezi chukua hatua mkononi," said Onduko.
"Kumbe tumekua tukiamini fisi," said Peter.
They reported him to the police where he yet to face the law.

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