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Survey!!! Most Influential Sunyani Radio Personalities on Facebook.

Social Media has became part of modern showbiz, and has been a major tool where people do business, our showbiz personalities uses as a communication tool to tea h their fans. Through social media the fans get to know when and where their next shows will come on, these days Radio broadcasters use Facebook to stream live their shows and promote their shows also through social media. conducted an online survey to see how popular Radio personalities in the Brong Ahafo's capital of Sunyani are on Facebook, one of the leading social media platforms in the world.

Our outlet had some leading names when it comes to radio broadcasting in Sunyani such as the Managing Director of Ark FM, Atta PromzyTV
Mr Ransford Antwi- Director of Sunyani Radio, the general manageress of Akonoba FM Mrs Janet Bossman, Director of Kings TV- King Khalid, Head of Sports of Akonoba FM- Solomon Asiedu, Mr Kofi Asoma Reagan of Sunyani Radio, Alhaji Alhassan Yahya and a lot more.

Unfortunately, we couldn't include some prominents broadcaster who have hide their friend's list.

NAME.                           NUMBER OF FRIENDS.      STATION
Janet Bossman.               4,971                              Akonoba FM
Fadal Gandhi                    4,956                              Moonlight FM
Kwame Fresh Lofty           4,951.                            Cheers FM 
Solomon Asiedu.              4,950.                            Akonoba FM
Atta Promzy.                     4,935.                            Ark FM
Alhaji Mahamah-Fiewura. 4,901.                           Space FM
Tactical Ras Shifo.              4,901.                          Cheers FM 
Ransford Antwi.                 4,896.                           Suncity Radio
Buhari Zakari.                     4,858.                          Storm FM
Jhoo Ahmed.                       4,859.                          Storm FM
King Khalid.                        4,834.                         King's TV/Suncity FM
Ampabeng Kyeremeh Romeo 4,828.                    Moonlight FM
Papa Kleff                          4,815.                         Moonlight FM
Kwaku Agyei Richard.       4,809.                         Space FM
Yaw Dennis Asamoah.       4,766.                         Akonoba FM
Alhaji Alhassan Yahya.       4,721.                        Ark FM
Anabi Issah Moro.               4,469.                        Ark FM
Akroma Defour.                   4,466.                        Ark FM
Ibrahim Mohammed Crucial 4,438.                     Storm FM
Audrey Akosua Tindana.    4,395.                        Angel FM
Sugar Mohammed.            4,229.                         Ark FM
Akwasi Korang Oppong.    4,200.                        Suncity Radio
Habib Mohammed.             3,828.                        Storm FM
Kofi Asomah Reagan.         3,294.                       Suncity Radio
Nana K Gordon.                  3,197.                       Suncity Radio
Jacob Morris.                     2,840.                       Suncity Radio
Kwasi Kumi Boadu.           2,319.                       Sky FM
Maxi Billion Atigah            2,282.                       Suncity Radio/King's TV
Precious Semevor.            2,781.                       Sky FM
Albert Obeng.                   2,217.                        Ark FM

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