Information reaching indicate that Sports Broadcasters in Brong Ahafo Region have shown their disappointments in how clubs treat them in the Region.

The Association had a Press release on Thursday, November 9 lambasting Aduana Stars snubbing the local media in their Coronation match at Dormaa, claiming that None of them had an Invitation from Aduana officials but according to their investigations invitations were sent to their collogues from Kumasi and Accra.

Read the full Release Here:

BROADCASTERS ASSOCIATION                                                                                                                                                          
       P. O. Box
       Sunyani, B/A
       9th November,2017

    We wish to express our disappointment at the DISRESPECTFUL TREATMENT meted out to Sports Broadcasters by the club administrators here compared to our colleagues outside the region.                                                                                                                                    
              WE as stakeholders of sports development in the region have done our possible best to propel the images of the clubs in the region and beyond sometimes at the detriment of our credibility but all we get is DISRESPECT.

               Several instances can be
mentioned including but not limited to ;
    1) Some club administrators DECLINE interviews on local media for reasons best known to them but will be heard in the next minute on other networks outside the region.

    2) When some too accept to be interviewed, their posture and the kind of answers they give are nothing to write home about.

    3) Clubs in the region deem it fit to give PREFERENCIAL TREATMENT to our colleagues outside the region who come to cover their matches to the neglect of the local media in the region.

    4) Last but not least, is the LATEST SNUB of the media in Brong Ahafo by the management of Aduana  Stars during their coronation as Champions of Ghana Premier League 2016/17 in Dormaa last Sunday. Special Invitations were sent out to Radio and Television stations outside the region but NOT A SINGLE invitation to any media outlet here. We find this very DISRESPECTFUL .
         Aduana Stars are not alone in this. Bechem United has never invited any local media outlet to any of their many Annual End of Year Awards Night, but on those occasions again Special Invitation is extended to media outlets outside the region.

                We wish to by this release draw the attention of club administrators in Brong Ahafo to these issues raised and hope steps will be taken to enhance the cordial relationship that exist between the clubs and the media in the region.
               We will be forced to reconsider our services to the clubs if we do not see a change in attitude towards us.   Thank You

Cc: All clubs in Brong Ahafo                                                                                                           Signed
      All media houses in Brong ahafo                                                                               Regan Kofi Asomah

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