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Pastor Joseph Boateng a.k.a Kofi Anto, founder of a church name withheld at Koforidua has married two biological sisters and given birth with all.

Rev. Joseph about 32years was once a street preacher (street evangelism) and had no sleeping place. A market woman, name withheld for security reason met  and simpathised him with a single room in her house.
Kofi Anto Managed to win her heart and there resulted pregnancy.

2years after birth, a misunderstanding rose between them and on that faithful day, Mr. Rev. spent the night with his wife's sister in the same house.

The sister of the wife who spoke distraughtly to Akonoba, the investigator said, Kofi Anto was then a pastor of the church she attends in the methodist school classroom so she did not think anything of such when he pleaded to  spend the night in her room because her sister has driven him away from the room and shut the door.
"I didn't even know how he managed to sleep with me. I only regleted the following morning but that time it had already happened and nothing I could do. I hid it from my sister until I got pregnant too". She narrated.

" My sister hated me at first but after he gave us some concoctions, we stopped quarrels and fightings. We even eat with jokes on one dining table" she added in tears.

Akonoba made himself a lady and visited Rev. Boateng to seek for deliverance of a breakthrough for husband. There Boateng told her to marry him.

Finally, three boys  from the team visited him for help to bring back their breakup girlfriends and indeed accepted to help but requested for Ghc500.00 each.

(The team then set a wise plan) .

They told Mr.  So called Rev that their check will be ready following day.

Upon hearing check, Rev told them all secretes, which include how he spiritually tied the two sisters together and sealed their mouth from quarrels.  He also gave them some herbs, directions and  concoctions. There the team saw his wickedneds so decided to let the police know not of his juju work but because one of the sisters had plan of committing suicide because of disgrace.

The team forwarded him to galaway police station for his arrest.

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