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Adom FM's Ohemaa Woyeje Slams Colleagues over KABA's Death

The hostess of Work and Happiness on Adom FM 106.3 MHz has described some colleagues at the Multimedia as hypocrites over the death of Kwadwo As are Baffour Akyeampong popularly known as KABA. saw
Ohemaa in a Facebook post wrote on Wednesday morning, November 22 claiming he was shocked to see a certain woman whose leg and waist like hers who tried to frustrate KABA especially when he is on TV mourning as if she has lost a loved one.

She refused to mention the name of the said woman.

This has been the second time someone is accusing Multimedia over Hypocrisy after the demise of our late brother KABA who was Host of Eko so Sent on Asempa FM 94.7 MHz.

Read full statement below
Our hypocrisy is just not cool! I remember when some weeks ago, #KABA  told me about one woman from multi tv who frustrated him a lot especially when he was on tv till other other matters.... I saw this same woman on monday with her legs n waist like mine looking all mourning going up and down just to appear in the cameras and pretending to have lost a loved colleague. Why didn't she sleep and pop champagne to celebrate news on his demise?
How I wish the dead have power to come back and slap all the fake mourners, the backbiters, the haters, the enemies who come like friends, the devils in angelic outfits, the backstabers,  the pull him downs, the intimidators & suppressors, etc etc .... judgement unto their heads everytime!!! They think we don't know them. #KABA due ne amanehunu😭

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