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The East Is Capable Indeed- Article By Kofi Sika Deo (Media Practitioner)

Hitherto, the conversations and discussions that often came up or characterized various entertainment shows on Eastern media fora and platforms both official and unofficial was the call for an award scheme to honour artistes and key players in the indigenous music industry.

Undeniably such convos were truncated and left as lip and scribbled theories resting on the realms of impossibilities in conjunction with absence of a clear-cut blueprint and a concrete direction to execute a project of such nature. Obviously another drag would likely be the huge projected cost expenditure envisaged to put together various phases of a project of that kind rendering such viewpoints flow down the drain.

The turning point was when a heroine named Lynert C.E.O of Hi5 Production ; a young lady with the Yaa Asasantewaa-like mentality and heart stepped forward to break the ice ❄ or better put the iceberg of uncertainty. On a progressive path pulling The Presenters Association of The Eastern Region (PATER)  and  Eastern Regional Chapter of The Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGHA) to form a solid tripartite to embark on the voyage THE EASTERN MUSIC AWARDS.

Yes indeed it was time, more importantly the time was right to prove to the world that The East Is Capable,the slogan and fuel that kept running and putting meanings into the past scribbled theories and making them legible and workable.
It is imperative to note the EMA's is a "WogbeJekean" having come from far and having been through the highs, lows, drawbacks, setbacks and resistance of various kinds which is characteristic of such ecology, reaffirming the insatiable nature of man and on the flip side to test whether the scheme has the potency and strength to manage and surmount the encountered challenges and reach the targeted destination.
Lo and behold through thick and thin, sailing through the storms, the phases which include the official launch and subsequent outdooring of nominees took place in effect 2 laps had elapsed and what was left the ultimate; the final lap the awards proper.

On a night 🌃 characterized by glitz, and glamour at a perfect venue to match an event of such stature it all went down organization wise, set up, red carpet, auditorium and  awards show within the limits of available resources were on point.
Even though not vintage, it was slightly above good in other words remarkable hence the brains and organizers together with various key players on the night deserve full commendations and props for making history.

It is important to state that even the homer nods, just like patronisers and critics of GMA's, BET's and the like ask for more, in the same vein avenues must be made available to enable for the dotting of i's and crossing of t's moving forward for the betterment of the scheme.

In drawing the curtain on, we  extend felicitations to the tripartite ligand, sponsors and key advicers for putting a spotlight on the region, furthermore reinforcing and corroborating the fact that 'THE EAST IS CAPABLE.'

By: Kofi Sika Deo

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