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No rematch for you – Wife tells Bukom Banku

Gladys Duru, wife of Popular boxer, Brimah Kamoko aka Bukom Banku’s has kicked against her husband fighting Bastie Samir in any future rematch.

Bukom Banku’s unbeaten run came to an end last Saturday night, after he was technically knocked out in round seven by Bastie “The Beast” Samir, in their much publicized cruiser weight bout at the Bukom Boxing Arena.

He had not lost any of his 29 fights, but visited the canvas twice during the bout in round three and seven. Banku had predicted a sixth-round stoppage but that round rather saw him come under heavy punches from Samir.

In the seventh round, Samir decided to end the bout as he unleashed several punches to the body of Banku, but the latter could not defend himself. The referee then stepped in to save Banku but he shockingly refused to stop the fight as expected but rather gave him a mandatory eight-second count.

However, soon after he returned to action, Samir intensified his attack which left Bukom crashing to the canvas with a bloodied right eye. He fell on his backside and hesitated in rising to his feet and when he did, the referee stepped in to save him as he was wobbly.

Bukom Banku in his first radio interview after his defeat in an interview on Kasapa 102.5 FM Monday said he accepts he’s been beaten but added that he’ll revenge in a rematch he hopes will be organized on 6th March 2018.

However, his wife who was in the studios of Kasapa 102.5 FM Tuesday, told Host Gatuso on Aben Wo Ha show, that she’s against any such move by her husband, saying the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) has set out to disgrace Bokum Banku.

”Even in last Saturday’s fight, it was clear that the GBA was working against Bokum Banku’s victory. I was at my husband’s corner at the ringside and I saw all that happened. Bastie gave Bukom Banku a low blow several times during the bout but even though he reported it, both the referee and the other officials didn’t say anything. I’ll not allow him to go for any rematch.”

But Bukom Banku insisted he’ll go against his wife’s advise and redeem his reputation if a rematch is fixed.

”I respect my wife a lot and takes her advice always, but not on this issue. She’stalking like a woman, but I’m a warrior and I don’t fear to fight any day or time. I’ll love a rematch to show Ghanaians that I’m still the champion.”


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