Here are the real ages of Ghana's popular diminutive actors

Ghana has been blessed with many talented actors and actresses who have graced our screens with their exceptional and sometimes hilarious way of acting. The size of these actors and actresses is not a major concern to many Ghanaians as long as they are being entertained.

Today, brings you some of the diminutive actors who have graced our screens with their acting and their ages. Some of these actors play their roles so well that it becomes difficult to tell their real ages just by looking at the characters they are portraying or their size.

It became a trend some time ago to have these diminutive actors star in movies because of the sense of humor they added to the movies. One of the popular movies that paraded a number of these minuscule professionals was Harry Laud’s “Koti Academy”.

Here are 4 of Ghana’s famous diminutive actors and their real ages:

1. Don Little (20 Years)

Don Little

The young actor made his first appearance on TV in Funny Face’s series, ‘Cow and Chicken’. The actor is believed to have been ‘adopted by actor Funny Face. The young actor is reported to have indicated that he liked women with big backsides despite he being a ‘little man’. He is also noted to have a smart mouth. It is alleged that he had Junior High School graduate has slept with 5 women.

2. Wayoosi (42 Years)


The popular Kumawood actor has starred in over 50 Kumawood-produced movies alongside some of the industry’s greats. He is known to have taken ill some time back but has recovered fully. The actor indicated that he attended King’s College and became a painter by profession.

He added that he had made a lot of money from acting stating that he owned a car and also had a pub of his own. Wayoosi considers Pastor Lord Kenya as his role model because according to him, he shot to fame after he joined the former musician’s dance group.

3. Yaw Dabo (19 Years)

Yaw Dabo

The budding Kumawood actor has been speculated to be over 27 years old but it has been revealed that the young man was born in 1998. Recently, news was rife that he was in a relationship with fellow Kumawood actress, Vivian Okyere.

The actor has indicated that he is in love with her and has promised to wed her soon. He is reported to have indicated that his wedding to the actress was going to be a lavish one since he plans on spending GHc 150,000 on the event. He has also indicated that his services cost GHc 3,000 and above. He is however believed to be very wealthy and known to own a number of properties

4. Joseph Pamfo (31 Years)

Joe Shortingo

The actor is best known by the stage name, Joe Shortingo but better known for his immaculate foreign accent. He has starred in many movies and series and has acted with some of the top stars in the movie industry.

The actor is believed to have indicated that he was inspired by Osita and Chinedu of Aki and Porpor fame. His first appearance on the screen was when he was cast in the series, “Broadway”.


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