A Tamale-based Radio Presenter, Halik Musah popularly known as DJ Tell has incurred the displeasure of residents of the Tamale Metropolis particularly nurses after he reportedly described them as prostitutes during a live radio broadcast.

He has threatened to leak nude images and videos of some of them in a desperate attempt to back his claims, a move that has been criticized by residents who described his conduct as unprofessional.

Pressure has since been mounting on management of the station on which he made the said misogynic comments to fire him while the attention of National Media Commission (NMC) has been drawn to his conduct which is repetitive.

According to a chronology of events culminating into the current impasse between nurses and DJ Tell, he was reported to have first attacked them on his facebook page and followed it up with his commentary during a live radio discussion.

“Nurses are so useless in our hospitals. For God (sic) sake that profession is not about wearing the uniform and makeup thinking you are on top of the world. Stupidity is wat (sic) they exhibit in our h
ospitals. And they also go on strike to demand better condition (sic) of service. What service?? (sic) I wonder how some of this (sic) useless girls makes their way there. And yet they get paid. Ghana is a joke”, he said in the post.

One Sadia Sundiata, a nurse swiftly responded to the post saying:”Why would you be angry because Halik Musah said “nurses are useless”? Maybe his wish was to be “useless” too but God directed him somewhere else so it hurts he is not “useless”…but maybe he has friends and family who are “useless” because they are nurses. The mistake of others should not make you label everyone as useless. It is a free world and he is entitled to his opinion. It is a free world and you can go to nursing school. If a nurse is useless in the hospital what adjective would you use to describe a local DJ? You asked how we got there? With our SSCE/WASSCE results an after ? years of training NMC gives us license to practice as a nurse”

This was said to have infuriated him more and he threw salvos at nurses in general:” And what adjective will you describe a local sex worker who call herself a nurse and want to defend useless nurses. And you claim certificates, what will be the use, if a JHS drop out can feed you and your family. What is more local than a village sex worker. I still can’t find any adjective because am coming back…Well well well, every reason to drop this NUD photos of Sundiata Sadia have been given. I have just been added more. Loading. The only thing that can prevent it is to tell who initiated the chat first. With who and for wat”

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