The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Trinity Multimedia College, Mr Charls Gbemu has urged Directors of media houses to pay their workers more especially reporters to enhance quality and professional journalism in Ghana.

 Mr Gbemu stressed that majority of media houses never pay their workers well with the mind set that they might be getting solidarity from outside which also pave way for biased reportage limiting the standard of every well established media house at such urged directors to pay their workers than to watch them depend on solidarity. Mr Charls Gbemu also cautioned Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association GIBA and labour commission to ensure tranquillity and fairness among directors of media houses and their workers.

He also cautioned workers of media houses not to take that as an opportunity to behave contraly to the professionalism and ethics of the profession. He further stressed that the media being the mouthpiece of the people never speak for their selves at such the directors of various media houses take that as an opportunity to cheat them.

 This he said at the 4th Graduation Ceremony held at Atiko in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

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