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A social commentator and advocate for the use of made in Ghana goods, Mr. Amankwaa Nathaniel has disclosed how Chinese  are slowly damaging the future of Ghana at the expense of self gain.

Mr. Amankwaa in an interview with a UK radio station - Brainyradio on a program called Amanmuo answering a question on the future of the country in some years to come he stated that, Ghana has no future looking at the way Chinese are slowly damaging the country.

He said, the jackpot machine which has been deployed in most part of the country by the Chinese are teaching our children how to steal from their parents or guardian which can later introduce them into arm robbery, he continued a research he has done shows most of the children addicted to the jackpot game always steal money to play when they don't have

He added it prevent some children from attending schools and it's very dangerous.

He appeal to the government to ban that gaming system wether they are operating legally or illegally because is a threat to the country's education.

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